Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday 17th September

Time is flying!  We have been in this house for 9 months.  It is strange because in some ways it seems like just yesterday and yet on the other hand it seems like we have been here for ever.  I have not once missed the old house. I have all my memories of it and that is all I need.  I also have 9 months of new memories for this house.  Happy times.

We had a busy weekend.  I went to the dog rescue kennels again on Saturday morning.  I am still finding my feet but it is good.  There was a lovely couple who came in to sign up their paper work to adopt a little terrier called Teddy.  The way it works, once a dog is selected a home check is carried out and then if all is well the dog goes for a trial period of around 2 weeks. If they decide to keep it then they pay a donation and the dog is signed over.  It has a forever home. Teddy was gorgeous and so happy and it was wonderful for me to see a success story.

In the afternoon I made a large batch of rich tomato sauce.  (Recipe in the spotty kitchen - click on tab at top of home page).  I  freeze it in 2 portion sizes.  Then I got down to peeling garlic ready for pickling.  I made 6 jars of Torshi Seer or 7 year garlic.  (Recipe in spotty kitchen).  They smell wonderful. After that it was sewing time.

Guess what?  Saturday evening TV just got better.  Strictly Come Dancing has started!  You know how I don't really watch TV?  Well every year I get hooked on Strictly.  I love it.  Shame that they still have Bruce Forsyth presenting it.  He is just so not funny.  Wish he would retire.  At least they have got rid of Alesha Dixon as a judge and got a proper one in.  Darcey Bussell, now she knows a thing or two about dance!!  For me the start of Strictly tells me that Christmas is not far off. 15  weeks to be precise!

Sunday was a quiet day as Simon went off to a car show. I spent the day sewing. I finished a play mat for  my coming grandchild.

I also finished my purple wall hanging which is going to go in the hall. I am really pleased with it. With those 2 projects completed I set about making more of my felt brooches.  I made 20 in total.  Mostly heart shaped as they are selling faster.   This weekend I sold 12 on EBay plus a little owl.  It is small things like this that I want to build up a stock of so that I can have a craft stall at the dog show next year.  I will post photos soon.

Oh, that reminds me, I had a phone call last night from a lady called Marion who runs a stall on Peterborough market once a month to raise funds for the dog rescue. They sell whatever they have had donated to them.  I had offered to help so she was phoning to see if I still wanted to.  I think it will be fun.  It is certainly different to anything I have done before.  It is a good way of making some new friends as well as raising money.  I  will be helping from 10am until about 3.30pm.

OK, guess that is it for now.

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  1. good morning, I am off to a busy morning. enjoy reading your posts-will check out your recipes when I get back-cool idea, I have not checked into tabs like that-like it


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