Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Photo 365 - 14

I have had a nice day.  Went to visit an Etsy friend this morning, she lives in the village. Had a nice chat over a coffee. Had a lazy day after that.  Made a couple of birthday cards, did some research online for some ideas I have had, made some cakes and then finished another knitted square.

Simon was home late as he was running get ahead sessions for exam students. Had country chicken for dinner and then watched Eastenders.  Very lazy really!

Today's photo is Simon in his garage. Despite coming home late he still went out to play!  He is currently making some kind of lifting thing. That is as much as I know.

He did say that he has made it all out of scrap metal that he had laying around and it would cost around £300 new. He is going to price up the materials to see if they would be viable for him to make and sell.


  1. I keep hoping Mike's job sends him to England, but instead the next visa request is for China!!! I'm sure he'd understand exactly what Simon was building. Give Simon a hug from us (and have him give you one right back from us, too)

  2. Love the photo of your sweet Simon!! How nice to have a such a great, lazy day!!

  3. You know, you never did give us a complete tour of the finished products: House, garage and yards. Mutiply died before you had a chance, I think. So, no with this lovely camera, you have NO excuse. I'm dying to see the shop, believe it or not. LOL, my first job was in a garage as the office girl and parts courier.

    1. Will have to do a house tour for you but first need to get to grips with the camera and then need to tidy the house!


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