Saturday, 8 September 2012

Busy Saturday

It has been a wonderful day here in the Fens.  Temperature around 77 degrees and lots of sun.  I'm wondering if this is summer?  Strange that it should come now.  It won't last.

I am exhausted.  It has been a busy day.  When isn't it?  We went this morning to the Three Counties dog rescue home.  This was the second Saturday that we had gone.  I am going to be doing some volunteer work with them.

I spent about 3 hours there this morning mainly getting to know Gyll the owner and a few other volunteers. Simon was there for a while but did go off to run a few errands. It is a good place and they do wonderful work. It is sad to see all the unwanted dogs and 1 more was taken in while I was there.  So sad.  There were 2 couples there though to view the dogs and it looks like one little chap may have a new home.  Fingers crossed for him.

Simon and I did take a little Jack Russell called Bobby out for a play in the paddock which was nice.  He was adorable.  So full of life and fun.  Why he was given up is beyond me.  If I didn't have Alfie and Loulou I would be bringing them all home with me!!

This afternoon I have been baking.  Mega baking!  The dog rescue people have a fun dog show tomorrow and they needed cakes for a cake stall.  I have baked 5 dozen cup cakes, 3 dozen rock cakes, a chocolate and banana loaf cake and an iced almond cake.  Phew!  It is the least I can do to try to help them raise funds.

Poor doggies.  So sad. Alfie and Loulou have spent the afternoon trying to convince me that they are poor doggies and should therefore be allowed to sample the cakes!  I did make a batch of rock cakes minus the demerera sugar so they may get one of those at bedtime.

Simon has spent the afternoon and half the evening working on his garage extension.  It is coming on now and most of the roof trusses are up.  He will be ordering the actual roofing on Monday.   He did cook dinner though as I was all cooked out.  It was a nice dinner of lamb steaks.  Very yummy.

We have an early start tomorrow as we are going to help out at the dog show. It is being held at a garden centre about 8 miles from here.  Simon will help to set up first thing but he is then coming home to get on with the garage.  I am going to stay for the duration.  There are various stalls to help out on and also there will be some of the rescue dogs there too and I can help with them.  It should be fun.

The dog show is just a fun thing to raise money. It is not a serious show like the ones we entered Alfie in when he was a pup.

I hope they raise lots of money.  They do not have a craft stall as no one makes crafts.  I am planning on doing lots of bits and pieces over the coming year so that next year they can have a stall of my stuff.  Lots of small things that won't cost too much should sell well. Plus it is easy to make small things and I can use fabric scraps.

OK, I think  it is bedtime now.  I am tired today. Maybe I will sleep for once.  If you want to check out the Three Counties dog rescue click the link:  Three Counties Dog Rescue  Remember, "A dog is for life".


  1. Sounds like a fun day just don't sneak any of those dogs home! lol

  2. Sounds like you are having great weather too, think we are at last getting that 'Indian Summer' we have been promised. I think its a really good idea to keep all the old Multiply posts on a 'archive' site and then start afresh.......good thinking.

  3. what a blessing you will be - to the dogs and to the people working to rescue them. I know we'll be hearing more about the volunteering.


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