Sunday, 9 September 2012

Doggie show

Another busy day over and done.  We were up early and out of the door at 8.45am to go to the dog show.  Simon stayed for an hour and a half to help with the setting up. There were gazebo's, stalls and a small show ring to set up.  He then went home to get on with garage stuff.

I helped lay up the cake stall.  They were thrilled with all the cakes that I made yesterday.  See below.

I was then put in charge of a stall selling bric a brac.  They didn't expect it to sell much as people would not really be looking for that kind of stuff.  I sold a half dozen things and made £30 for them so I was pleased.  It was the most glorious day.  The hottest one of the entire year.  Great for me, sitting under my gazebo but not so good for the poor dogs.

They had a brilliant turn out and I was right opposite the ring so could watch proceedings. There were some gorgeous dogs all with their own story to tell. It was lovely to see so many, happy and healthy and with loving human companions.  These were all dogs that had not had a good start to life.

This photo shows one of the other volunteers, Louise and he rescue spaniel, Purdy.  They won the first prize in the waggiest tail class!  Purdy is a little dear.  She spent several hours fast asleep in her crate behind my stall in the shade.

The show finished at 3pm and Simon came back to help clear up and to take me home.  I was really pleased that all my cakes had sold.  The fairy cakes were 50p each so they made in total over £55 just on my cakes. All in all it was a good day and I met several more of the volunteers.  I shall see them again next Saturday when I am going to the kennels to help exercise the dogs.

Once home Simon went back out to work on his garage and I  had a nice  bubble bath with a glass of the red stuff.  I figured that I deserved it.  Simon did a nice roast beef dinner and since we ate we have both  been sitting with our lap tops. I am half falling asleep.  I bet as soon as I go to bed I will be wide awake as per usual. I hate that!

Hopefully back here tomorrow.


  1. Oh they look delicious... the cakes, I mean. How lovely you could do this. I don't bake anymore as there is only me to eat it all. Our weather is finally beautiful.

  2. I would have helped devour those delicious cakes! We don't fix any for just the two of us - but for church fellowships and our 42 domino group. It seems to taste better when it's enough for a group. You did well in raising funds for the dogs - and that's a very good thing. Well done!


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