Thursday, 4 October 2012

My sewing room and those felt brooches.

So you want to see where I sew?  It is our second bedroom but there is no bed only sewing stuff.  I have  Saskia's old desk to put my sewing machine on.  I also have  2 matching chest of drawers.  One small and one quite big.  They are ideal for storage of lots of crafting stuff.

I have her old shelves where I keep, some books, magazines, sewing patterns, fabric, boxes of ribbons and other notions etc.

I have this little shelf unit which was Joshua's but he didn't want it when he moved.  I keep my button jars and other little bits and bobs on here.

I have a  gate leg table which I can extend when I need a cutting area. At the moment it is half open , you can see it behind the ironing board.  I also have an ironing board and iron in here in addition to my ones downstairs in the utility room.  With  quilting it is important to keep pressing your seams as you go and I got fed up having to keep trotting up and down the stairs.  Those plastic tubs in the corner contain fabric and wadding.  The white roll on the table is wadding.  You can also see another cat door stop there.  He just needs his eyes to be finished.

In the corner of the room I still have a desk and my old PC. It is messy as I have been sitting there hand sewing.

This is a nice size room for a sewing room.  It has 2 windows, one looks down to the side of the house and the drive.  The other looks out to the back so I can see the back garden and the fields beyond.  I like that view and can see it whilst I sew.

Despite two windows the light is not great.  I only have a ceiling light and need to invest in a good floor standing, adjustable lamp that I can move around depending on where I am working,

At the moment the room is still as it was when we moved here 10 months ago.  It is in green and yellow with green carpet, not very attractive.  After Christmas I am going to decorate it.  I want it to be very pale to help the light situation.  I think it will be white above the dado rail and a pastel colour below. possibly pink.  I will then make new curtains for it.  The existing ones are a horrid dark green.

I am well set up in here.  I have my sewing machine, my Sizzix and my new Slice.  I have a huge fabric stash which is always growing.  I am building up stocks of notions such as zips, ribbons and buttons.  I have lots of cottons and lots of felt.  I have toy stuffing and wadding bundles. I have 2 cutting boards, several rulers and 2 rotary cutters.

I need pinking shears.  I might get myself some next weekend.  I am going to the knitting and stitching show in London at Alexandra Palace.  It is my birthday next week so I may have some birthday money to spend.  I bet that fabric stash will grow!

So there you have it.  That is my sewing room where I spend lots of happy hours.  I am very lucky to have my own space to do my own thing.  Simon will soon have his own space in that ginormous garage.

Just remembered, I was going to show you my latest brooches but this is long so once again I will leave them for another blog.  In fact I will do them in a blog on their own and then you can just ignore it if you are fed up of seeing them.

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  1. I used to have my own room for sewing and crafts. We downsized when we moved to Florida, from Virginia, and I no longer have my own space. Yours is wonderful. Now I am jealous!! LOL I know you enjoy it. Thanks for sharing!!


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