Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Show and Tell on Thursday

Time for "show and tell".  I have been doing lots of sewing.  Mainly trying to finish off things as I did not want to start anything new when there were unfinished things lying around.

I finished the bunting for my downstairs hall. Those are little cross stitch embroideries you see in the first photo.  7 of them, one for each of our zodiac signs. Click photo to enlarge.

I did do one new thing though. Remember my scrappy quilt that I am making with denim squares?  I had lots of  odd shaped left over bits.  I didn't want to throw them out so I have joined them all up in crazy patch work fashion. I added some wadding and backed it with some brushed fleece stuff and hey presto a new doggie blanket.  It is small but will be useful at night when it can get chilly down in the utility room where the dogs sleep in their beds.  In winter it isn't a problem as we have the heating on 24 hours a day anyway.  At the moment it is still set to go off over night.

Top photo shows it pieced and the bottom one shows it finished.

Here are the dogs trying out the denim scrap quilt.  Not in their beds but on the settee!  Actually Alfie is on our bed in the first photo.  Because Loulou was comfy with the new denim quilty Simon tucked my little heart quilt around Alfie.  It is normally on the end of the sofa.  Are my doggies spoilt or what!

Something that I had to get finished was the jewelery roll that was a project we had done with Denise.  All 3 of us made one.  It was supposedly a quick and easy project to remind us how to do zips.  I had SO much trouble with that zip!  Had to take it out and start over.  I am actually really pleased with how it has turned out now.  It has the zipped pocket and an open top pocket and a thingy for rings.

I used stippling to quilt it and I am pleased with how it went.  Close up of stippling.

I have completed 4 pages for the scrapbook that I am doing of my Mums life. I shall give it to Dad when we are all together later in the year. Hopefully my girls and my sister will do some pages too.

Remember the block of the month quilt that I am doing?  It is from my patchwork magazine.  Actually it is a row of the month!  It will take a year as there are 12 rows. I have just done row 4 which is composed of 8 inch blocks, each one different.  It is about learning new techniques and patterns.  I like the diamond in the round and the pin wheel.

This is all 4 rows so far.  They have not been squared off.  That will be done once I have all 12 and can put it together.

I told you last time about our latest project with Denise.  We are each making a teddy bear.  I had to get him all pinned together first then over sew and then finally machine stitch his various parts. It was our home work! We have a sewing session on Tuesday so we all need to be at the same place.  The only thing I haven't done is to machine stitch his foot pads as I couldn't work out how to do that without catching it up.

I have another new bit of kit.  Something that I have been coveting for ages.  It is a Slice Fabrique machine.  It is very small but cuts shapes with a tiny blade.  It can cut up to 4 inches but only 1 layer at a time. It is digital and uses little SD cards.  It cuts fabric and paper.  Some of  you are probably remembering that I only just had my Sizzix machine a few months ago and that cuts shapes too.  They are different and do different things.

I haven't done much yet with the slice.  I did cut out this flower shape and made it into a brooch. I got my Slice on eBay so it isn't brand new.  It came with 6 extra pattern cards and 2 of them were still sealed up so never used.  I am looking forward to trying out some of the designs. Will get round to it soon.

OK, I am now going to bore you rigid with more of my brooches.  These are selling quite well on eBay.  Last week I sold 12.  Every single one is different.  You can sign out now if you have seen enough of these already!!

The other day some one asked  where I do all my sewing so I am off now to take some photos of my sewing room.  Hopefully I might get around to posting them soon.

Actually as this is long I have decided to post photos of my brooches along with the photos of my sewing room.  You can breath a sigh of relief!


  1. I am so impressed! You are inspiring me to dust off my old sewing machine and start a new project. It's really been years since I did more than mend. Love your quilts and projects, and look forward to photos of your sewing room! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. PS... you dogs are beautiful!!

  3. Interesting what you do. In my "younger" days I did a lot. I used to make all my own clothes, chochet covers with wool remainders, knit and patchworking. Also made all the boys trousers when they were at primary school. Today it's just repair work on the machine. I admire your quilts and other handwork - just lovely - you are talented. Interesting to see the gadgets you can get today to help.


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