Thursday, 15 August 2013

Mosaic Tree Memorial

Yes, I know it has been an age since I have been here.  I just did this for Tumblr which I am using to promote my Fabrilushus shop.   It occured to me that maybe you would all like to see it too.  So........

"I lost my Mum to Alzheimers 18 months ago.  She spent the last years of her life at Victoria Court which is a part of the Lister hospital in Stevenage.  My Dad would regularly sit with her outside in the gardens.  They had some lovely mosaic sculpture work on the walls and fences and from the first time I saw them I knew I would like to try my hand at something similar.
Gradually the idea formed in my head that it would be lovely to do it as a sort of memorial to my Mum.  Something to remember her always.  I knew I wanted a tree design. I knew I wanted a heart in there somewhere with her name, Iris.  
I began to get my bits together a few weeks ago. I purchased  my tiles, glue and tile cutter tool from Mosaic Heaven in Market Deeping. They were incredibly helpful and I would thoroughly recommend them.  If you are not local then check them out here :
My gorgeous Iris heart was made by a fellow Etsy seller, Louise of Loutul,  It is made from pewter.  The board is a piece of marine plywood which my husband got for me.
Once I had everything together I was itching to get started but I suddenly thought how good it would be to do it with my Dad.  He was due to come and stay with us so I decided to wait.  I am so glad that I did as I will have lovely memories in the future of the 2 of us working on this. 
So, we finally got started last week.  My Dad drew the design after we had looked at images on Google for inspiration.  It is a tree, with a few “flowers”, plus the heart.  The sky is blue and the grass is green!  Oh and there is also a large yellow part which is a corn field or something!  LOL. 
Anyway, here are the first photos of the process.  I hope you like them."

I am quite please with the way it is turning out.  I think it will look fantastic when it is completed.  Since Dad went home I have done a lot more which I will show you another day.
This is my first attempt so if anyone has any advice for me it will be gratefully received.


  1. PERFECT! No we hadn't forgotten you :) I love that your Dad is actively involved.

  2. How wonderful. I love how you documented your dad helping you make that beautiful mosaic. And, hadn't forgotten you. Just hadn't seen you.

  3. Nope not forgotten you neither. Lovely thing this to remember your mum by. Also that your dad and Simon are getting involved. Hope your enterprise is going great.

  4. Forget? Never. I love this post! And how wonderful to have this memory. He looks so happy, too.

  5. Hi Jilly! I've missed you here and am so pleased to see this lovely project you and your dad have started. What a wonderful memorial!! I'm so happy you shared it with us here.

  6. Forget??? NEVER!! You never cease to amaze me with your ability to take the ordinary and create art that we all love - and the heart that you have to share it with us. I can hardly wait to see the finished memorial - it's obvious your Dad is so proud of you and the memories you cherish.

  7. I think waitng for your dad was inspirational, it must have been very special working together and it look s as if the finished object was well worth all that effort.

  8. oh forgot to say...................I was looking for the 'follow by email' gadget to click and can't see it on your page. Am I missing it or is it not here??.

  9. It's looking great. Glad you got your Dad involved. He's looking well x


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