Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Photo 365 - 22

Wednesday today which means it is Jessie day. I only have her 1 day a week now as she attends kindergarten the other 4 days.  She is such a good little girl and an absolute delight.  One of her favourite sayings is " I do make you laugh, don't I Nanny?"  Something that made me laugh today was when she said " I do talk a lot don't I?"  That came after over an hour of non stop chat!

She is very good at amusing herself and loves playing with the dolls.  The pink tub is where I keep the dolls and assorted dolly paraphernalia. It also makes a good toy in its own right.


  1. shes adorable!!!........stephie is pregnant again!! hope its a girl, hope its a girl, hope its a where is the picture of Saskia????

  2. Such a fun age! Blessings indeed!


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