Sunday, 5 January 2014

Photo 365 - 5

Not the best day today.  We spent a few hours at the doggie rescue kennels this morning and made the discovery that quite a lot of the dogs had wet bedding.   Everyone was incredibly upset.  Three Counties do not own the kennels.  It is a private boarding kennel. This should have been noticed. Three Counties do supply the bedding for them to use for the rescue dogs.  We are incredibly short of bedding right now so I have spent most of this afternoon appealing to anybody I possibly can for quilts and blankets.

It was even more upsetting coming home to Loulou who has a warm house and clean dry bedding. So wish that we could do more. Today's photo (which was taken today despite it appearing to be a Christmas shot!) is of Loulou opening the last one of  her Christmas presents.

Someone asked the other day about the tumour on her ear.  It has been this size for over a year.  It is not operable at her age.  It is not growing and it does not bother her in anyway.


  1. Happy New Year to you.
    I hope you manage to sort the kennel bedding out, that's so sad. Glad you wrote this, I've just arranged to take in a rescue dog for a weeks trial period and if I like the dog, (I love her already), and if the dog likes me, and the rescue people are happy, she will be mine. I heard so many sad stories at the rescue kennels I was wondering if there is maybe someway I can help. I'll talk to the man from the kennels when he brings her to me on Tuesday.

  2. Bless you for doing all you do for the rescue kennel. Bless you.


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