Tuesday, 21 August 2012

A bit about me

Since I have moved blog sites I have acquired some new followers who I realise will know nothing about me so I think a quick potted history is in order.

I am coming up to the 7th anniversary of my 46 years!  Work it out!  I have been married to Simon for nearly 33 years, well over half of my lifetime.  We have 5 adult children, 2 boys and 3 girls.  Samuel is 31 and married to Lisa they have our 2 little granddaughters Ellie who is 5 and Jessica who is a year and a half.  Then we have our eldest daughter Coralie  who is 30 and married to John.  They have given us our 2 little grandsons, Evan who is 4 and Flynn who is nearly 3.

Our middle daughter is Verity who is 28 and married to Steve. Then comes our youngest daughter Saskia who is 26 and finally Joshua who is 24. Sam is a carpenter, Coralie a midwife, Verity and Saskia are both teachers and Josh is a technical adviser for Mastercard.  Verity teaches primary age children and Saskia teaches dance.

My husband Simon is also a teacher.  He  is currently on school summer holiday and when he goes back in a weeks time he will be doing 4 days a week,  This is a move towards retirement.  I am a housewife.  In other words I do not do paid work outside of the home.  Come to think of it I don't get paid for the work I do inside the home! That was a joke.  I do appreciate that I am very lucky to be able to be at home all day.  I love my own company and am never bored as I have a gazillion hobbies that I never have enough time for.

I have been learning how to sew for the last 18 months so I spend quite a lot of time on that.  I also do card making and scrap booking.  Then there's my family history research, which is time consuming.  I do embroidery and blogging and I love to enter competitions. I also read loads.  The list is really too long to go on.

I am also very busy in the house. As well as all the normal housework I am busy making things such as curtains for our new home. We moved here just 10 days before last Christmas. We had been in our previous home for over 25 years.  This is our first home without children. We moved from the city to a small village in the Lincolnshire Fens so life is now quite different.  We love it.

I am a huge dog lover.  I have adored them all my life.  We have 2 Dalmatians, Alfie and Loulou who are brother and sister. They are 12 years old.   I am hoping to be able to do some volunteer work in a local dog rescue home soon.

OK, that's it. Sorry if it was a bit boring for those of you that have known me for years.  I just wanted to get new contacts up to date.

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  1. Not boring -- brings back memories. Also, reminded me that we'll be losing the Dalmation's site, too. Just as I'll be losing Momma Dawg's. I won't be redoing that one, though.


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