Thursday, 23 August 2012

New pages!

Woo hoo, I am adding pages.  Thanks to Baz for the help on adding a photo page.  Why on earth does Blogger not have photo albums?  Stupid, stupid.  So I am going to put my photos on FlickR and then I can post a sort of gallery on my photo page which will take you to them if you choose to click.  I like to have photos posted for my friends to see.

I keep all my photos on my own hard drive and I also have Live Drive which is in the cloud and copies every single thing on my hard drive for extra safety. In theory I shouldn't ever lose anything ever again!  Consequently I am not worried about FlickR vanishing.  Not worried about my Multiply albums either. 

You can just share directly from FlickR and it puts them in a blog post which is ok but I kind of like the idea of having them on a separate page.  You do have to post them as a blog first and then copy the html so it is a bit of a faff.  I may get bored with it!

You will see the links to my new pages at the top.  There is a quick note one where you can leave me a message, then there is Jilly's blog which will take you to my other Blogger site where you can find all my old Yahoo and multiply posts.  Finally there is the photo gallery.  I think I will add another one for recipes....eventually.

I am getting to like Blogger and I am finding my way around.  I still do not like that it is much harder to see your sites and posts.  I have the Rss thingy going and the Google reader but it is so much messing around!  I HATE that I can't delete stuff from the reader too. 

Hey ho, guess I will get used to it.  Still have not got to grips with Google + and can't really see the point of it.  I cannot see what it will add to my blogging experience.

Bed time now.  Nite nite!  XX


  1. Because I link through Google reader, I got to see the thumbnails of Coralie's 30th. When I followed the link from GR, the page no longer existed. Are they available elsewhere?

    1. That is odd. I have a new tab up there for photo gallery. It is the 5th tab along. They are there and you can click on them.......well I can!


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