Wednesday, 22 August 2012

A busy week

This is the last week of the school holidays for Simon.  He will be back at work next Tuesday.  Consequently the week is flying by quicker than ever. We seem to be constantly busy and yet at the same time there is so much stuff that we wanted to get done during the holidays and we haven't done it.

The main reason is the garage extension. Simon had originally hoped that by the end of the holidays he would have it up and could be getting the insulation and electrical work done inside.  This is not going to happen.  The tremendous day after day rain  made it impossible to work for weeks on end.

Progress is being made though.  There are now quite a few more panels up and some have been cut for windows.  My sister is coming tomorrow with her husband Pete who will help for the second week running.  Hopefully if the weather holds they will get quite a lot done. Unfortunately he found out today that the roof timbers which should have arrived by the weekend will not be here until the beginning of September.  This is a blow as it will hold up progress and until the roof goes on it will not be totally sound.  It is partly his own fault because he should of ordered them earlier but didn't.  Typical of Simon!

My sister is bringing my Dad up with her tomorrow and he is going to stay a couple of days.  Hopefully the weather will be nice as we are planning another family picnic on Saturday.  We started the school holidays with a picnic so now we are finishing with a picnic.

Today we had dentist appointments so we were out this morning.  Our dentist is in Spalding which is about 20 minutes by car.  We found out that our dentist Theo who we have known for years is actually quite ill.  He has cancer.  Really hope he makes a full recovery.

On the way back from the dentist we stopped in the village of West Pinchbeck to visit a butchers shop that Sam had said is excellent.  He warned us we may have to queue as it is very popular.  In the event we didn't but it was busy with a constant stream of people.  We spent quite a lot on lots of stuff for the freezer.  It has won the best butcher in Lincolnshire award for about the last 10 years.  We had pork loin with stuffing wrapped in puff pastry for dinner and it was lovely.  Best of all it only cost £2.70 and was more than big enough for the 2 of us.  We shall go back there again.

Most of the rest of the day I have been continuing to move my old blog posts over to Blogger.  I have 450 still to go.  Nearly there.  It is driving me potty but I do want to save them.

Might not be on here much the next few days as I will have my Dad here and will no doubt be busy.

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  1. I can understand how hard it is to get everything done in the planned time frame. In spite of weather, you all have come along way toward reaching Simon's goal. I hope you do have good weather for the picnic!!


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