Monday, 27 August 2012

A bit of a catch up

Good heavens seems like I have been on the computer all morning. Hang on... I have been on the computer all morning!!! I am so glad to be done for now with messing around, transferring and deleting stuff. Anyway, time for a bit of a catch up which I shall do in list form.

The school holidays are over. Simon goes back to school tomorrow. The time has just flown by and although we have done quite a bit there are loads of things left undone. We had planned days out but they  didn't happen. The garage however has progressed.

We had my Dad with us for 2 days last week and I think that he really enjoyed himself. He liked seeing his 4 great grandchildren and it was lovely to see as he is really engaging with them now.

We had several family picnics during the holidays and I have a lot of photos that I will post shortly. Posting photos is not an easy thing here. It is OK putting them in the body of a blog but albums are a whole different ball game where you have to faff around with another site. Pain in the you know where.

We did get around to cleaning the old grave stones of Simon's ancestors and again I have a load of photos. To post.

I think I am going to open another Blogger site for my Recipes. What a pain that it is necessary to have all these different sites. I know they link well with tabs to go to them but ...well it isn't Multiply is it!

I am currently waiting for Simon who is putting a window in the garage. We are supposed to be going to Tesco for food shopping. They close at 4pm as it is a bank holiday here in the UK.

I know a secret............. May be able to tell soon.......

Hmm, what else? There were loads of things that I thought of earlier but my mind has gone blank. Really think I should go and chase up Simon. I need to do the shopping today as I will not have access to the car once he is back at school. The chap that he car shared with was made redundant and as there is no one else that lives out this way, I will be car less during the week which could be difficult at times.

Back later or tomorrow and will hopefully get some of those photos up. With Simon back at school normal service will hopefully resume!


  1. The garage is coming along! Really is going to be nice.

  2. And your blog is looking more like your old one. When you decide you want a different background, I'll tell you how to do it.

  3. Isn't it wonderful to have Dixie learn and teach us? I love hearing that you have a secret. You've had some really, really good ones in the past, so this one should be great, too. The garage is looking good. Simon has worked hard to get all that done in the rain. And you got to have picnics on top of that -- well done. Do add a recipe site. I've enjoyed mine, and it's not too different from Multiply when you work through the dashboard. I can't tell you how comfortable it is to be here with you and Dixie!

  4. you have been very busy !!
    looks like the garage is coming on nicely
    I like how you have a photo slide show on here, I really must work out how to display my photographic work on here

  5. your garage is looking awesome! love the look of your blog here-just got back from my trip yesterday afternoon so browsing blogs this morning


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