Monday, 27 August 2012

Finishing up

The entry below is the final one that I will make on Multiply.   I am getting everything pretty well set up here on Blogger and I think this will be my new home although at the moment I shall keep Blogster updated too.  I just hope that this will be a happy new place to lay my hat. 


Well I have finally moved every last blog from here over to my Blogger site. I have also moved all of the doggies blogs and closed down their site. I shall gradually be deleting all of my albums. I have no need to download them as they are all stored on my own hard drive and also in the cloud.
I shall take down the images in my side bar over the next couple of days and place them on Blogger. Then I shall begin to delete entries from here starting with the oldest first.
I will continue to cross post from Blogger for those few of you still here. I will do so until the end. However I will not be using this site to read or comment on blogs. I know where most of you are. I have contacted everyone.
Should you wish to find me my primary blog will be at:
Sadly it seems that we have all gone to different places and I cannot keep up with checking on half a dozen different blog sites so inevitably I will lose contact with some of you. If you are one of them, well it was nice knowing you and sharing bits of our life stories. I hope that you find a nice blog site and that new friends will come along and join you. Who knows we may meet up somewhere else in the future.
As always...... I wish you enough.

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  1. I've added stuff on my side bar - but it's been a while. I'll go back over how I did it and send you what I find via e-mail. Did you build a Blogger for the dogs? I guess I should move Momma Dawg's blog over, too. I hadn't thought of doing that until I read your latest Multiply post. Moving is difficult!!


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