Saturday, 18 August 2012

A late night post

Well it is a quarter to one in the morning and as I am not yet sleepy  I have been sorting some stuff out here in Blogland. I am pretty stunned that more or less everyone has already jumped ship at Multiply.  It seems premature to me.  We could have continued until December which is months away yet.

Sadly everyone seems to have gone to different places unlike when 360 went down and we all followed each other to Multiply.  I have pretty much decided that I shall set up shop both here and on Blogster too. I have friends in both places. I also have Mickey, Jenny and Sue who have gone to Ipernity. I just hope that I can stay in contact with them via email.  I cannot possibly post in all these different places.  2 is enough.

I have set up RSS feeds for them but that only allows me to read not to comment.  I'm not sure either that I will be able to keep up with the feed.  My google reader is already stuffed with things that I haven't read yet.
I am finding that I have very little time right now.  It is still school holidays here which means Simon is at home. We have been busy doing stuff here.  Him the garage extension and me lots of sewing projects.  In between times I have been busy moving all my old posts over here to my other Blogger blog " Jillys blog".  There is a link to it somewhere here!

We have also had several days out, a few birthdays and a couple of picnics.  I have lots of photos which I will post soon when I can get my head around how that all works here.

OK,  going to read now.  Night, night, don't let the bed bugs bite!

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  1. Not going to do anything with my photos - they are all on my pc so that's where they are staying!


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