Saturday, 18 August 2012

Garage extension progress

Time I think to do a blog that is nothing to do with Multiply closing and where are we all going etc, etc.  That is getting kind of boring!

So I thought I would tell you about the garage extension progress.  As you know it has been much slower than we had hoped, due to the weather.  Rain and more rain.  The last few weeks we have had spells of fair weather interspersed by rain. Today is hot but the sun is fighting with the clouds and not always winning. I am just grateful that it isn’t raining.

Anyway, progress is being made. He finally got all the hardcore level and then it was covered with a large water proof membrane...plastic sheet to you and me! That took some getting in place! After that it was filled with big polystyrene sheets and then wire mesh.

The concrete was piped in last Saturday.  Sam came to give Simon a hand to spread it out and tamp it down.  Simon had made a big wooden bar for tamping.  The concrete comes out pretty fast once it starts coming through and a couple of times they were knee deep!  It was hard work getting it all level.
Once it was, silly me thought that we could go out for the day.  NOOOO..... it has to be sprayed with water to prevent it drying out too quickly which apparently causes cracks!!  We did manage to have lunch out at a local pub. 

On Thursday this week my sister and brother in law came and Pete worked on it with Simon.  They made a lot of progress.  Putting in some panels at the far end as a retainer and then getting 7 wall panels screwed into place.  There are a lot more to go!  The back wall will remain in place until the end when it will be taken out and put in on the new end if that makes sense.  My sister and I had a lovely time catching up on stuff. Before they went home we all went for a meal at a pub in a neighbouring village that Simon and I quite like.

Sam popped in this morning with the girls and gave Simon a hand to move a few more panels.  Unfortunately they are extremely heavy so there is no way at all that I can help to lift them and then carry them half way across the garden.  

Simon has now gone to his barn to make some wooden "wedges" which he needs for the bolts to go through, or something like that, not sure really!

I have been enjoying the sun while it lasts. It is presently quite overcast, hence I am now indoors and on the computer. Tomorrow I am hoping for a day out. There is a large Craft Festival at Donnington Park which is about an hour and a half drive from here. It isn't really Simon’s thing but hopefully he will be happy to go since it will keep me happy!


  1. I know you don't miss the "swimming pool" and it is really nice to see the sunshine reflecting off the white. I should have saved my comments for here instead of putting them on Multiply! Part of me has made the move -- the rest of my mind will arrive later.

  2. What a difference! He must have been working really hard. Hope you have a nice day tomorrow x

  3. glad to see you here : )
    love the font on this page
    you are "don't worry, be happy" and I am "don't worry ,be hippy" : )
    have fun at the craft fair


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