Friday, 17 August 2012

Details posted on Multiply

Well it seems that most of my friends have already left for pastures new.  I am very sad that it seems no one is staying until the end.

I have been really busy and am currently moving stuff over to an old Blogger site.  I have created a new blog there, "Don't worry be happy" which I will probably be using.  I am also using one at Blogster as well so will be in 2 places.  Actually, 3 places as I shall continue to post at Multiply until the end. 

This where you can find me:




Personal email:

I have also opened an account at Ipernity as a few of you have gone there.  It looks ok but I am happy, I think, with Blogger and Blogster.  If you do want to look me up there:

Well, I think that should allow you to find me!  Can I ask that you either PM me here or send me an email to my personal address with the details of where you are going.  

As I said I shall continue to post duplicates here until the end.  It is inevitable I guess that some of us will lose contact.  I do know that some of you are going to give up the blogging habit.  

I have enjoyed my time here at Multiply and have made many good friends but life moves on.  Change is a good thing.  In a few months time no doubt we will all wonder what the fuss was about. 

Have a good weekend.

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