Friday, 10 August 2012

First post - MortonJilly's Blog - Blogster

First post - MortonJilly's Blog - Blogster

Ok, so I guess I should do a first post here.  It will be short and sweet as it is 1am here in England. 
I am a Multiply refugee.  Since the official announcement of Multiply kicking us out only came 2 days ago, I haven't had  much time to look for a new home.  I did begin yesterday to move some stuff over to Blogger where I have an old account.  Blogger is quite good but doesn't seem to offer the required tools to really build a community.
I arrived here after some friends reported that it was a good place. The little that I have seen so far does look good and it feels like there is a nice, positive atmosphere here.
However, some friends are reporting that they keep losing blogs and getting locked out of their accounts because of spam issues.  Not good at all.
I shall explore a bit more and see what happens.  
I may end up here or I may not!

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