Thursday, 9 August 2012

The fat lady hasn't sung yet

I am peeking over the parapet.... yep, it looks safe enough.  Things seem to have calmed down some what.  From browsing around it seems that people have accepted  the situation, quited the moaning and are now putting their energy into finding a new home.  That's good.

However it seems that a lot of people have already jumped ship.  Seems premature to me but hey that is not up to me.  Each to their own.  As far as I am concerned the fat lady hasn't sung yet, I know cos I am the fat lady!  I shall keep going here until the end.  We do have until December after all and that is months away.

Like most of you, I have begun the search for a new place to call home.  I thought that was going to be Blogger.  I have an old account there and I am currently moving my posts. However, I never really did get on with Blogger hence the move to Multiply.  I don't like it's lack of an inbox and the lack of community.

A Multiply friend of mine, Ingi, suggested that I look at Blogster.  I did. I like it.  There are a lot of Multiply refugees there and in fact SeaNymph has set up a group there with lots of tutorials.  It has all of the same functionality of Multiply, an inbox, photo albums, etc. It also has a really nice feel about it and is very friendly.  In just a couple of days I have had many welcomes and many offers of help to find my way around.  Seems the natives are a great bunch. 

It is early days and as always there is a learning curve and I am sure there may be glitches along the way.   A couple of Ex Multipliers have hit problems but they have been sorted very efficiently and quickly.  I think this may be home for me.  If you haven't tried it, I would urge you to give it a shot. It is the most like Multiply that I have found and I have tried a lot.

I know some of you have already gone to Blogger and some to Live Journal.  I don't want to lose contact so if you have found a new home can you please PM me with your new details.  I am afraid that I am losing track of all the info posted in blogs.

It is inevitable that things will change.  I can't keep up with half a dozen different blog spaces.  I have enough trouble with one!  For those that wish to stay in touch these are my details:

Primary email:

Primary blog:  My user name is Mortonjilly.  My posts are open right now but will be locked down later on.

Secondary blog for back up  purposes: 

Facebook: My user name is Gillian Glennsansum  search for me and I will add you.  I don't do a lot on facebook except a couple of games. 

I shall continue posting here until December and hope that most of you will too.  

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