Sunday, 21 October 2012

Show and tell on Sunday

Show and tell time. I have finished my scrappy denim quilt.  It is OK.  Don't think I will be doing another one! I never intended it for a bed.  It will be a picnic rug.  Roll on next summer when I can use it.....hopefully.   When I washed  it some of the T shirt squares on the back came away in places and I had to sew them by hand.  I think this may have been because the T shirt fabric is stretchy.  The original pattern said to use fleece fabric.  Live and learn.  Anyway here it is.
This is the back showing the T shirt squares.

This is it before washing.
This is it after washing.

You can see the frayed, frilly edges here.

This is the nightdress case for Ellie.  This is just the front, at this point I hadn't finished it.  It is now all sewn together but not quite stuffed as I have run out of toy stuffing.  Got to order more tonight.  Today I cut out two more in bright red for Evan and Flynn.  Need to get fabric to make one for Jess. We are calling these bed time pals.  As they are made of fleece and stuffed they are very soft for cuddling but they also have a pocket on the back for pyjamas or nightdresses.

I made a tiny one from the left over fabric.   The pattern for these calls them Monster Ninni's.

On Friday I completed the 5th row of the row of the month quilt from my magazine.  It is log cabin.   Here is the completed row followed by some close ups.

I made a little bit more bunting for my hall and this time I put a date on it.  1979.  A special date for us!

The only other thing I completed this week was a birthday card for Denise.

This coming week I am hoping to get all 4 bed time pals finished and also all of my kitchen curtains.  Denise is coming on Wednesday to help me get them done.  We were also going to do the living room ones but when we went to get the fabric today it had a flaw in the middle of it so they have had to reorder it for us and it won't arrive until Thursday. Hopefully Denise will come another day to give me a hand as they have to be lined and I have never done that.

This is the fabric for the kitchen ones.

Well that is it for this weeks show and tell, back soon with more hopefully. Time to watch the "Strictly" results show now.

Oh and by the way it is now Monday........ I forgot to publish this!

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