Friday, 26 October 2012

24th October

I am sitting here waiting for Denise to arrive so that we can get on with all my curtains. All my housework is done and I am organised so I figured that I may as well do a blog.  I thought I would show you more photos as everyone is saying how much they miss them.

These are photos that were taken in August.  We had a family picnic near the river in St Neots.  My sister  and brother in law came with my Dad.  Sam and Lisa were not able to come so Simon and I took Ellie and Jess with us. Saskia also was not able to get there but everyone else was.

We had a great time. Just before we got there it started to pour with rain. As we arrived in the car park the rain was torrential and there was thunder and lightening.  We all had to sit in our cars!  It didn't last long and once the rain stopped the sun came out and it was a fairly pleasant day....for a while....... started to rain again just as we were getting ready to go home.


Family picnics are the best. Roll on next summer.


  1. enjoyed the photos-I need to start all of my housecleaning next week-as we will have deer camp here in a couple weeks-lots of friends will stay over-

  2. nice to se the family enjoying themselves ...........


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