Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sunday 21st of October

Another busy weekend is at an end. I wish the time wouldn't go so fast. Only 65 days now until Christmas!!!  I would do regular countdowns if only I could work out how to get them into my blog.

Yesterday ended up being a long day.  I went to help at the dog rescue kennels.  I usually stay there until 1.30pm.  It was a good morning.  4 dogs went to their furever homes which was wonderful. I played with several dogs and groomed a couple of others.    |

They have a Dalmatian there who has been really badly treated and he is very nervous. The last few weeks he would cower at the back of his kennel and bark.  He would not come to get biscuits.  They have been working hard with him and I was so thrilled this week to see that although he is still petrified he will now come to the front of the kennel and take a biscuit from my fingers through the bars.  So wonderful.   Much work still to do with him though.

A little Labrador who has recently been spayed has an infection in her womb and they needed someone to take her to the vet so I said that Simon  and I would do that as it was so busy.  The vet appointment was at 3pm so Simon came up at 2.30pm.  We took Molly in our car and she was so good.  Fortunately the vet thinks that it is not an infection but a reaction to some new suture material that they are using.  She has antibiotics and we were able to take her back to the kennels. It made it quite a late day for us but I was really pleased to have been able to help.

Simon had spent his day working on the inside of the garage.  He has got the lights in place ready for the electrical work to be done.  Tomorrow he is going to start on the guttering.  It is so nearly done.

Today John came over with the boys.  Coralie is having a weekend away in London.  John came to see what needs to be done with  the electrics as he will be doing that for Simon.  I took the boys to the village shop for sweets and then we had a lovely time playing.   Evan has requested a sleepover at half tern so I need to arrange that with Coralie.

Once they had gone we went to Peterborough to sort out the fabric for the living room curtains but unfortunately there was a flaw in the material so they have had to reorder it for us.  I was  most annoyed as it wont be in until Thursday so they won't get done next week.

This afternoon Simon has continued with his garage work and I have been doing sewing.  I have just watched the "Strictly come dancing" results show. NOOOOOOOOO.....  Anton IS OUT. I am really cross.  He  is dancing with Jerry Hall and although I can't stand her, they certainly were not  the worst.  I kind of thought that it might happen as I think the general public have not taken to her.  Why do they always give poor Anton such duds?

You my recall that Verity and I were in the audience 2 years ago and Anton actually spoke to us.  He is very handsome in the flesh and has a very cute  "bottom"!  I would dance with him any day. I wonder how you get lessons with him?   I must say I am very taken with Brendan Cole too.  I never used to like him much but he seems to have mellowed the last few years.  He danced last night to "love lift us where we belong" from "An officer and a gentleman".  My goodness, he looks good in a uniform!  I am not impressed with his partner though.  He is dancing with Victoria Pendelton the Olympic gold medalist.  The judges seem to be going very easy on her and I read today that they have been told to because "she is a delicate flower".  Apparently she self harms and they are worried that criticism may be difficult for her!  I'm sorry but if that is the case then she should not be in this kind of show.

Can you tell that I LOVE "Strictly"  It is my countdown to Christmas.

Ok, off to bed now, may be back tomorrow.


  1. Good to catch up with you! Glad the garage is coming along nicely. Sounds like it will be done soon! Hope the weather holds for you. Sorry about the curtain fabric, but glad they could order it for you. I'm hooked on our Dancing With the Stars, so understand completely. I'm with you - why are they letting her dance if she is so delicate and is a self-harmer. Makes no sense. Are they going to let her win? Good grief! Wishing you a good week!

  2. Poor Dalmatian. I know that speaks to your heart, and how pleased you must be with the progress he's making. So sorry about your fabric, but you'll find a new project for this week. What happened to "Show and Tell Sunday"? It was listed in my Reader, but not on your site. The denim quilt looked lovely and will make a great picnic rug. See? I do keep up with you.

    1. I am not sure how you were able to see show and tell sunday as I only just published it now on Monday. I forgot last night! Weird.


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