Tuesday, 27 November 2012

27th November

I had a nice day yesterday. It was Simon's day off.  We went out early in the morning to go to the main post office to collect a couple of parcels.  A book for him and some lovely smelly bath bombs for me.  We stopped of at Tesco for a quick food shop and then Jewsons for some stuff to mix in with concrete to make it water proof.

Simon spent his day out in the garage .  He was putting the concrete along the edges to seal them.  He also painted some wood for skirting boards.  I was joking when I asked him recently if he was going to have coving, skirting boards and a dado rail.  Seems the skirting isn't a joke.

I spent my day happily in my sewing room.  First I was parcelling up some brooches that I had sold on EBay.  Once that was done I got down to work on the scrap book of my Mum's life.  I am pleased to say that it is now finished.  It was quite an emotional experience and I had some tears but I am very proud of it. I will try to get time to photograph it today so I can show you. With that completed, I worked on a few brooches. I am low on stock!

Today is going to be a busy one.  With Simon at home yesterday I didn't do my normal jobs.  He totally messes up my routines.  I have no idea  what will happen when he retires completely.  The house will be a tip. So I have the whole house to clean and tidy plus a full laundry basket to get washed, dried and ironed.  The basket is always full on Monday as I do all the bed linen and towels as well as the normal clothing and stuff.

I am hoping to have some time this afternoon to get some more sewing done.  I want to get Verity's baby quilt  finished this week.  Time will tell.

Oh, by the way, are you impressed with how many blogs I have got done this week?  Every day since last Monday except Saturday.  I think I may have found my blogging habit.

Oh and a weather forecast for Morton, Lincs............ Freakin cold, very windy and RAIN.


  1. Yes, I am impressed to have seen you here everyday! I enjoy your posts! I'll be interested to see the scrapbook of your mom's life. What a wonderful project!

  2. I have not done any srapbooking-I would love to see yours. we are getting very wind and very cold here as well-in the teens this morning-brrrr not ready for that yet-we are to warm back up in the 60s though in a couple days-love that

  3. well guess what? I finished all my Christmas shopping on line while I was sick in bed!.....sounds like you have a nice little ebay business going for yourself! Stephie and Nick are meant to come home tonight with a new dalmation pup they are buying from someone. I will take pictures of him when he arrives.


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