Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday 25th November- negative and adult content.

Weather forecast for Morton, Lincs?  You  really need to ask?  Rain and wind.  Lots of both.  I HATE this weather. Guess I should be grateful that we haven't been flooded out of our house like they have in some areas of the UK.

Having said that, our garage is flooded. I went out there around lunch time to get logs for the fire and it was under around an inch of water.  I can't quite work out how that has happened.  At a guess I think the water butts may have overflowed.  The guttering along each side drains into it's own water butt. If they have become full which I know they can do very quickly in heavy rain , then I guess they would just dump their water.  Doesn't quite explain how the whole garage is flooded though.  It hasn't come through the roof that is for sure. Simon is not going to be a happy bunny when he gets home.

He has just got to the stage where the garage is more or less finished.  He just finished painting all the walls white yesterday.  This is not good news.  He isn't here today. He has gone to visit the wicked witch and her ogre.  AKA the outlaws. Rather him than me.  Of course they are doing the let's all pretend that we are a lovely close family thing.  They so are not.  Makes me sick.  Another thing that I hate. I will never forget the trouble that they caused over MY MUM'S funeral.  Please note......MY MUM.  Nothing to do with them and actually for the record my Mum didn't like them either.

I need to get something off my chest here........ I speak to my family regularly.  My Dad several times a week and the rest of the family at least once a week.  My extended family including cousins and Aunts etc I am also in regular contact with.  We are a close knit family.  Simon speaks to his maybe once every 3-4 months.  he sees them maybe twice a year.  They generally only communicate when one of them wants something.  does that sound like a close family to you?  It doesn't to me.  Makes me sick. Such pretence.   There has never been a truer saying than this;  "You can choose your friends but you can't choose your family".   They are neither family nor friends to me.

OK, so that's my rant over with. Simon will be back soon... at least he had better be! He said he would be back by 3.45pm.  I think he knows better than to be late!  Duty visit is over and done with for several months now so we can forget them and move on.

I have spent the day as normal.  Housework this morning  followed by sewing this afternoon.  I  have made a few more brooches and got them up on EBay.  I sold 14 this weekend.  They are doing well, particularly the Christmas ones.   I have also made a babies Taggy.  You know, a ribbon blankie?  All of my grandchildren had them.  They like to fiddle with, stroke and suck the ribbons.  I made it in a about an hour and it was all from scraps which is what I like. I shall show it to you next week in a show and tell blog.  I thought I might put it on EBay but there are a gazillion regulations regarding stuff for babies and children so maybe not.

I am going to work on some more brooches now while I wait for Simon to get back.  He is doing dinner tonight.  The least he can do after deserting me all day.  We are having rib eye steaks with his king prawn sauce.  I love  that.  Something to look forward to.  Oh and I have the Strictly results show to watch too so a good evening ahead.  I think it will be Victoria Pendleton to go.  She may be able to ride a bike but she is a crap dancer.  Last nights performance was terrible.  I can't like her as a person either.  She always turns on the tears. So not attractive.  If you can't handle the heat  then get out of the fire love.  I think she will be tonight.

OK, negative blog over.  That is me done!


  1. Glad you could vent a little. Wish I could give you a hug. You are doing great with your brooches! Wishing you a good week ahead, and I hope the weather dries up for you!

  2. It's good to vent. Don't hold it in (as if you might!) Now, to the good stuff -- I must see a picture of your baby taggy!! When I was a baby, I had what my Dad called my "feely blanket", a baby blanket with satin binding the edges. I would rub that satin between my fingers as I went to sleep. It became my security blanket. To this day, when I have a blanket with a satin binding, I still find comfort in that. What a surprise to find others who enjoy it, too!

  3. well did you read what mama odom did at thanksgiving at my house?? shes a piece of work I'm tellin ya.....I loathe that woman..... Ive done my christmas shopping on line, all know I do not like to shop...


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