Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Here I am.....

Good lord, I just realised that it is 4 weeks since I did a blog.  Time flies.  I have been trying to keep up with reading all of your blogs, even the ones of my friends who went to far flung corners.  The trouble is that I seem to be really busy and that means that I end up on my computer really late at night.  By the time I have read blogs, I am sleepy and can't be bothered with writing my own.

I am still not fully settled at Blogger either.  I miss my old Multiply friends.  I just don't seem to get much response here.  Consequently, I think that I may start cross posting again to Blogster and also Ipernity.  Just the other day I saw a post from Sue about the possibility of starting a crafting group over at Ipernity so that is a bit of motivation for me. A group dedicated to all things crafty would be fantastic.

I have made a whole bunch of stuff in the last 4 weeks  including the living room curtains which I was just on the point of doing in my last blog.

So..... what have I been up to?  Well nothing out of the ordinary actually.  My days tend to follow the same pattern particularly at this time of year when it is rotten weather.  Today is cold, grey, windy and very wet.  Pretty much the same as it has been since this time last year!  Even summer was like that.  I digress, where was I?  Oh yeah, my day....... Housework in the mornings and crafting in the afternoons.  It works for me.

Of course I can't remember the details of the last 4 weeks to tell you but no matter you would be bored reading it all anyway.  We did have my Dad to visit over half term which was lovely.  We have also had 2 birthdays so far this month.  Little Jessica was 2 and Flynn 3.  Here are a few photos for you.

Later this month we have Samuel's birthday.  My eldest baby will be 32!!!  How the hell did that happen? That is followed closely by our wedding anniversary, then my Dad's birthday and then of course the big C.  Only 34 days to go!!!  Looks like ours is going to be a very quiet one this year and in fact it may end up just being the two of us for dinner.  That will be different!  We will see every one at some point though.

Oh, just remembered, I have to show you this photo of Joshua taken at Flynn's party.  He looks like Super Mario!  I was shocked when he walked in.  It won't last much longer though.  Apparently this month is called Movember and men grow moustaches to raise awareness of testicular cancer.  I had never heard of this.

Right time to go now as it is Simon's extra day off today and we have to go to Peterborough shortly to pick up the boys.  Coralie is at a funeral so we have to get Flynn from a child minder and then collect Evan from school.

Hopefully this will get my blogging habit back.  Going to do a sewing/craft blog soon so you can see what I have made.

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  1. Hi Jilly! Good to hear from you! I miss many of my Multiply friends, too. But I am happy to have a few of them here on Blogger, and it's nice to make new friends (like you!). I'll look forward to seeing your projects! Have a good day!


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