Friday, 23 November 2012

Friday rolls round again

Hey, get me, this is the third day on the trot that I have managed a blog.  I'm actually still in bed, haven't got up yet! I thought this could be a good way of  doing things.  While I drink my morning coffee instead of reading blogs why not at least begin on writing my own?   I can always post it later.

The weather looks like it might be a bit better today.  It has finally stopped raining, wonder how long that will last?  It poured all day yesterday and most of the night. The wind was terrible yesterday too. Quite scary.  I know some of you have experienced hurricane storms so our wind would be small fry to you.  The wind is much worse out here in the Fens than it was in Peterborough and I am really noticing it. It sounded like it was going to blow the new roof right off the garage.

I had a good day yesterday, very productive.  Once the housework was all done I spent the whole day working on the scrap book of my Mums life.  I did 9 more pages in total.  I am pleased with how it is turning out. It takes ages as with each new page I have to go off and search out old photos from albums. Then I have to scan them and then print them. It is a lot of work.  I will show you photos when it is completed.

I was going to work on it today but I have run out of photo paper so I can't print photos today.  I'll go get some tomorrow after I finish at the dog kennels. Also need to get a scrap book album to put it all in.


Ok, I'm up now.  It's nearly 11am and I have finished all the housework.  Guess what?  The sun is shining!!!  It is still freakin cold but there is sun so it's bright. I love that word freakin!  Think it is my word of  the day.  Talking of words, I just came across a new one.  Ameliorate.  Simon came out with it the other day.  I had to ask him what it means.  I hate that.  I'm much better with words than him even though he is a teacher.  It means to improve or get better. Must try to throw it into the conversation!

Fridays are kind of a short day for me as Simon gets home at 4pm instead of 6pm so I lose 2 hours.  I like Fridays though as it is the start of the weekend.  A long weekend as he has Monday off next week.  For those of you that do not know, since September he dropped his days to 4 a week and he has Monday off one week and Tuesday the next.  A bit of a pain but they run a 2 week timetable at his school.   How stupid is that.   We have takeaway on Fridays so I don't have to cook.  I like that.  I think it is Chinese tonight.

Ok, I don't really have anything to say so I shall go off to my sewing room now.  I am going to try and make a bum bag. That's a fanny pack to my Merikan friends.  You know fanny is really quite a rude word over here.  Not one that you would normally throw into conversation!

When I help at the dog kennels I have a small bag which goes over my shoulder and body with dog treats in. Everyone else that helps has a bum bag.  My bag is potentially dangerous as it is something a dog could grab hold of or even inadvertently get caught up in as I bend over them. I don't want to buy a bum bag as I want mine to be special.  I have some nice doggie fabric so that is today's project and I hope that I can finish it so that I can use it tomorrow and make the other volunteers envious!

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  1. Love the dog photo! LOL

    I would love to sew again as much as you do! I so miss it. I've done nothing since back in the spring, I think... maybe longer. Things have been a mess.


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