Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday the 9th

The 9th!  January is racing past, nearly a third gone already.  It flies.  The last week has been unseasonably mild too which is good because you know how I dislike winter.  However, today is the last of that for they are saying that tomorrow a cold spell is on its way and winter will be returning.

I had a good day yesterday and managed to get myself reorganised with all jobs done except the dusting.  I shall do that this morning.   I spent the afternoon reorganising and tidying my sewing room  then I made a cushion.  A cheats cushion.  I'll explain that in show and tell. I put some more stuff on my Etsy store and I think it may be ready to "Go live" today.

In the evening I watched Eastenders and then set to getting my head around the stuff that needs to be done for the administration of the sponsorship scheme for the doggies. I think I mentioned that I have been asked to do this?  It isn't much work; just maintaining the records, sending out annual reminders and then a newsletter 4 times a year with updates on the sponsored dog.

Do you remember the bedtime buddies that I made for all 4 grandchildren for Christmas? They went down very well.  Flynn loved his.  The following is part of an email conversation with Coralie which I found amusing:

"The bed time buddies are a huge hit. Evan mostly uses his for storing stuff that he does not want Flynn to get. Flynn, as he does with various things, has latched onto his with vice like grip. He sleeps on it for nap and bed time. Literally ON IT!

So my question is.... What are the washing instructions for a bedtime buddie? After just 4 days/nights it is in need of a wash. There is a fair covering of snot, a brown coloured stain and a general odour of sweaty toddler. It's not good! Instructions please."

I replied saying, wash on 30 degrees, short spin , tumble dry or line dry.  It is only fleece, should be fine.

"Bedtime buddy is in the wash as I type, will let you know how it goes!" .........

OMG,  bedtime buddy has gone lumpy in wash. Flynn currently rejecting him because he is "different."

LOL. Maybe there is a teaching opportunity here?  He needs to learn that being different is OK.  We are all different.

I just love my little ones.

Today, when I get out of bed. ( recently I have been writing blogs first thing in the morning after my coffee and before getting up) I shall get my jobs done and then I am going to sew.  Hopefully might do a show and tell blog later.  

Actually this blogging first thing isn't good for me, have just realised that it is twenty minutes past eight and I am still in bed!  Going to shower now and start my day.

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