Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Baby Youngs, Nala puss cat, plus some show and tell.

Yes, I am back again. There is family stuff here and more Show and Tell time.   In an attempt to work some blogging time into my day I have gone back to my old "half hour system". Haven't used that since we moved here.  You remember how that goes?  Half an hour of "work"  then half an hour of "me" time.  You get loads done and of course I will probably finish  the house work a little later than normal but I will still get lots of time to do what I want.

So...... "Show and Tell".  Here we go again..........
I am making a cot quilt for Verity and Steve's baby.  We went to  Leicester two weeks ago to visit Saskia and of course to go to the Fabric Guild where they have the most amazing selection of fabrics and notions and oh, so much more.  I love it.  Could spend a fortune there.  Hang on.... I did spend a fortune there!

We had a lovely time with Saskia who is also getting into sewing and she actually got some fabric to make some Christmas presents for her friends.  We had lunch out and then paid a quick visit to her house to meet her new baby.  Nala the puss cat.  She is gorgeous.

Where was I?   Oh yes, baby Youngs quilt. I got a lemon fabric with sort of small splodgy spots.  A mint green polka dot fabric and a multi coloured patterned fabric.  The quilt is made up of 15 blocks. Every other square is appliqued with either a bird or a squirrel. The middle square has a heart.  I am at the stage where the top is all sewn together and it is now awaiting the wadding and backing and then quilting.  I may get on to that this afternoon.  I will show it to you when it is completed. Here it is so far.

It isn't perfect but I am quite pleased with it and I think the new grandbaby will be happy.

That reminds me.  I haven't yet shown you all the latest scan pics have I?  Here we go, they are truly wonderful.

Baby Youngs 22 weeks.  Do you see the heart there?  how cool is that?  Everything is just fine and perfect.  We are all so thrilled.

Ok, back to Show and Tell.  A birthday card for Pete.

I made 3 tiny little felt brooches in the shape of strawberries.  They were a free magazine giveaway.  I will keep them for the craft stall in aid of the doggies next year.

I think I mentioned that each summer the Three Counties Dog Rescue have a dog show to raise money.  They have a few stalls there too.  Remember back in the summer, the gazillion cakes that I made for the cake stall?  Well they didn't have a craft stall so I am making bits and bobs so that we can have one next year.  I will be making small things.  Brooches, soft toys, peg bags, shopping bags, bum bags, cushions, that kind of thing.

Now, Three Counties dog rescue...........It is  a very special place that does the most amazing work and is staffed by volunteers and runs on donations and any money they can raise by any means. They are always desperate for funds.  That is why I have no shame in once again  reminding you all that my daughter Coralie is doing a sponsored cycle ride of 100km around the Isle of Wight on the 2nd of December.   If you are able to spare even just £1 or $1 then you can sponsor her here:

Thank you.  A big thank you also to those of my friends who have already sponsored her.  To the person that told me it was not appropriate to ask for sponsorship on my blog, I have one thing to say.......  GO AWAY!

I am sorry if anyone finds it offensive but it is my blog and I can do what I like.  If you could see the poor creatures that are rescued  and see the work done then your heart would melt.  I have no shame in trying any which way I can to raise money so that this work may continue.  That means promoting it here.  You of course have every right to just skip right over this part and no one is holding a gun to your head.  We all give what we can where we can and we all have our favourite causes.

Ok, I'm off my soap box now. Time to do half an hour of housework.


  1. I was happy to contribute and was not offended at all. Whenever a good cause can be brought to our attention, if it is something you believe in, you will contribute. If not, that's okay too.

    Love the quilt you are making! Love your friend's the new kitten! Love that new baby being nurtured in the womb!! A great post! Hugs.

    1. The cat is my youngest daughter Saskia's.


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