Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Show and tell Christmas brooches!

Ok so I am trying to get my blog habit back and this is the second day running and I am doing more show and tell. Christmas brooches!

First off the little Monster Ninni made with left over fabric from Ellie's Bedtime Buddy.  I have no idea why these are called Monster Ninni's.  It's a stupid name.  From now on I shall call them Little Pals.  I am going to make more of these to put by for a craft stall next year.  I am going to make some medium sized ones too.  So in between these little ones and the very large Bedtime Buddies.

Speaking of a craft stall reminds me.... I have just had an invite to take part in a craft fair in Boston (Lincolnshire, England not Massachusetts USA!!)  I sell bits and pieces on Ebay and am starting to sell more, particularly the little felt brooches.  The lady who runs the craft fair saw my stuff and invited me to take part in her craft fair.  How nice is that?  I won't though as it is in December and there is no way that I have enough stuff to sell.

I do have more than enough little brooches for Ebay though and they are selling well.  I have been making Christmas ones and they are flying out.  Ok be prepared to be bored!

I love making these!  Can you tell? Off to do housework now.  I am having one of my half hour days.

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