Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Show and tell

Let's do show and tell.  I have made a gazillion things.  Well OK, maybe not exactly a gazillion but a lot.

First off, Bedtime Buddies.  Remember the little creature called a monster Ninni that I made?  Well I enlarged the pattern, drew it out myself and hey presto.... Bedtime Buddies.  They are made of fleece so they are very soft.  On the back they have a pocket for keeping pyjamas in.  Or in Evans case for keeping treasures in!  I have made one for each of the grandchildren for Christmas.  It is obvious which is Evan's and which Flynn's, I think!  I wish I could have got some patterned fleece rather than just the plain red but nothing seemed to be right.

The flowery one is for Ellie and the pink spotty one is for Jess.  There is quite a lot of left over fabric so I am thinking that I will make a variety of smaller ones which I can put by for next years Dog rescue show.  I am hoping to make enough bits and pieces over the year so that we can run a craft stall for them to raise funds.

Speaking of Jessica reminds me of the teddy that I made for her birthday.  I have made two teddies now.  Proper jointed teddies!  I would never have believed that I could do that but it is easier than I thought.  Just fiddly plus you need good strong wrists to bend those cotter pins in the joints. My wrists are weak due to multi operations on them years back.

It was Denise that suggested that we do a teddy and we did the first one together with Coralie.  I love it when we all work on the same thing at the same time.  I had intended to give that first one to Verity for the new grandbaby but I loved her so much I kept her for myself.  She is called Elsie.

I had some fabric left over so I decided to make a second one for Jessica for her birthday.  This one turned out even better.  She is called Jenny bear.  Elsie's ears were a little out of line but I did better with Jenny's and I like her face better too.  I think Jessica was pleased with her.

I am going to get some fur so that I can make one for the  new baby. Think I will get a golden fur this time.

What now?  I have so many things to show you!  Oh, remember the denim scrappy quilt that I was doing as a picnic rug?  Well it is finished.  It is OK.  It will make a great picnic rug just don't look too close! It looked OK until I washed it!  I had to wash it as that is what makes the frayed, frilly look on the edges.  That worked better in some areas than others.  What did happen was that loads of the T shirts squares on the back pulled apart from the denim, I think because it is stretchy fabric. I had to go all over it hand sewing them back in!  What a pain!!

The pattern that I had seen used fleece for the back and all the same denim.  I used a ton of different denim fabrics.  Some were heavier than others some even had stretch to them.  Couple that with the different stretchy T shirt squares and, well I guess it may work better if you use the same fabrics throughout. Don't think I will do this again.

Here it is;

OK, I'm taking a break now.  I'll post more later.


  1. Jilly you are so talented! These are adorable!

  2. What great projects! You are mega-talented! I know a woman here in town who makes bears like the ones you made. She charges $150-$200 for them!! Wow! Love the bedtime buddies - very cute and creative. Your quilts are amazing! Thanks for sharing the photos! I love seeing your work!

  3. oh wow Jilly-they are all adorable!

    1. I almost missed your quilt-it turned out nice-yes for this project, the weight should be pretty similiar, I used alot of flannel cottons for the back side, or old flannel shirts worked great too


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