Wednesday, 12 September 2012

And more........

Yep, there is more!  Brooches to be precise.  You are going to be so bored by the time that I finish this!  I don't care though as it forms a good record for me to look back on.

I have been making what I call flower and button brooches from felt for quite a while and they are selling reasonably well on Ebay.   However I have not sold a single one on Coralie's Etsy.  Does anyone ever buy from Etsy?  I just use it to get ideas.

Anyway, here are some of my latest flower brooches.  I have quite a few in stock so haven't made many of these.

Simon got me a Sizzix Big shot machine in the holidays.  For those not in the know, it is a die cutting machine which means you can cut shapes very precisely with little effort and up to 8 layers at a time depending on the thickness of the fabric.  It is brilliant.  I do not have many dies yet but I do have a heart shaped one that cuts 3 different heart shapes at one time.  I can layer the fabrics that I want so can cut really quickly.

One day last week my mind turned to heart shaped brooches!  So, I have made a gazillion.  Well about 16 actually!  I have listed them on Ebay to see if they do better than the flowers.  I am not really too bothered if they sell or not as I want to build up a stock of small inexpensive items so that I can have a craft stand at the dog show next year to raise money for them.

They only had a cake stall and a bric a brac and I think crafts will sell well.  Especially if I can make things with a doggie link.  There is a lot of dog print fabric around right now so that might work.  In fact I made a couple of the heart brooches in dog fabric.

Well I still have more to "Show and tell" but I shall save it for another blog since this one was so long!


  1. I have been fighting off my urge to sew because I am supposed to be sorting and packing to move into a new house. Looking at all your wonderful sewing crafts is not helping. Oh, but I do so love to see what you are sewing!

  2. Those are so nice - but I need to know your eBay seller name to follow you there.

    1. I'm on the uk site: My user name is jillyrosey


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