Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Make do and mend on Tuesday

Well it is an absolute age since I did a "Show and tell" blog.  I have worked on lots of projects over the summer and in fact I did have an album of photos saved as a draft on Multiply but there is no point in adding them there now.

On my last show and tell which was on the 3rd of July; I showed you a wall hanging that I have made for Saskia for Christmas, a half finished red and white table runner, some half finished, small, cat applique pictures and a half finished turquoise wall hanging.

So I guess that is the best place to start today.  Saskia's wall hanging is finished and residing in my Christmas box. It matches the quilt that I made her for her birthday.  Same fabrics.

The turquoise wall hanging is also finished.  I have no idea what I shall do with it as I just made it on a whim one day when I was waiting on fabric to begin something new.  I used scraps for this one.  I may sell it or I may give it to someone.

The table runner is finished and is on my kitchen table.  I am only half pleased with it.  I like the colours but am not altogether happy with the design.

The cat appliques are now finished and are framed and they are a Christmas present for another family member.

I have made several cards.

I saw a picture on the Internet of a hanging cockerel so I tried to copy it.  It hasn't gone quite right as the head is a bit long.  He does have character though and is hanging in my kitchen.

I also made these 2 cards to send to 2 very good friends over the pond in Merika.

This is a tiny sample of the things I have done.  Tomorrow or maybe even later this evening I will show you some more. I have made 2 sofa throws, more wall hangings, curtains, a cushion and a gazillion brooches.  Oh Yes!


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