Thursday, 13 September 2012

Last lot for now and other news..

You can breathe a sigh of relief as this is the last lot for now.  I am working on things so there will be more to show next week.

My Dad asked me to make a cushion for his brother, my Uncle Derek.  This is what I came up with.  It is all made from scraps.

Last time I went to the fabric warehouse in Leicester I got a printed panel in lemon and green with baby pictures printed on.  They have a huge selection of these pre-printed panels and some of them are lovely.  They don't cost much either so I couldn't resist.

The idea is that you layer them with some wadding and backing and then just quilt how you like.  It seems a bit like cheating in a way as there is no cutting and piecing.  Anyway, it was quite large so I cut off some of the panels and I have used them to make yet another wall hanging.

I love this design and have now made it 4 times.  It is incredible how different they all look with the different colours and embellishments.  This one is for a baby's room and I think it has turned out quite well.  I have used buttons rather than beads on here.

The rest of the panel I am in the process of quilting and it is going to be a play mat.

You will notice that there are 2 baby items there. A wall hanging and  a play mat.  Do you remember that I said a few weeks back that I had a secret?  Some of you know it already but for those of you that don't the cat is now out of the bag............... we have grandchild number 5 on the way.

Verity and Steve are expecting their first baby.  It is due on the 18th of March.  We are all incredibly excited.  These are the first photos of Baby Youngs.

This is at the embryo stage, approximately 10 days.

This is at 7 weeks.

She has, of course, since had her 12 week scan but I am still waiting on those pictures.  All is progressing well but as some of you know this has been a very long and hard journey so we would very much appreciate your prayers, good wishes, positive thoughts etc...

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