Thursday, 13 September 2012

Old photos and memories.

This week is flying by, Thursday already.  It is cold here today.  I have had to put the heating on.  I had a hot water bottle in bed last night.  Ridiculous, it is only September.  Actually September is flying too.  In just 2 days time we will be half way through the month and we will have been in this house for 9 months.

I have spent the day so far going through old photo albums to scan in some photos for the scrap book that I am doing of my Mums life.  I have the albums which my Dad gave me but I am thinking that there are some missing.  There seems to be a big gap between the mid sixties and early eighties.  I am sure they must have taken photos in that time.  Also their wedding album is not here either.  I am sure they had one.   All I have is one photo of them and one of their cake which were in an album.  Must ask my Dad about this.

It is lovely to look at all the old photos. Brings back so many memories.  Things that I thought I had forgotten, I can recall in detail when I see the photos. Anyway, I thought I would show you some.  The bigger girl in these photos is my sister Julie.

First some of me.  I am 10 weeks old here.

This is my Christening.
I was so cute!  Here are some more where I am 8 months old.

I just love that pram.  Silver Cross with full suspension.  I wish they still made them like that.  Modern buggies just do not compare.

I am between 2 and 3 years in these ones.

And a few from when I was a bit older, maybe 4 or 5.

Finally here is one of my Mum and Dad taken  in 1954.  About a ear after they were married and before they had any children.  Care free days!!!


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