Wednesday, 12 September 2012

More Show and tell

Well I said I would be back with more "show and tell" and here I am!  It is a grotty horrid day here today, windy, cold and rainy so I have been pottering around doing odd bits of sewing and some scrap book pages for a scrap book that I am doing of my Mum's life.  It is a Christmas present for my Dad. Now it is time to sit at my computer with a cup of coffee for half an hour before I have to start on dinner.

So here we go with more of my projects. I have done lots of things for Christmas.  I have done 2 sofa throw quilts using the same pattern as the one on my sofa and the one that I did for Saskia.  The first one is for Sam and Lisa and is in browns and maroon to match their living room.  I have quilted around the rectangles as I did my previous two.

This one is for Josh and Charlotte and is in a totally different colourway for their room.  On this one I have quilted it by using a technique known as stippling.  It is a free hand machine embroidery technique.  I am pleased with how it has turned out although I have a long way to go yet to perfect my stippling.  It is not easy.  I find it difficult to get the tension right.

Next I have this cat doorstop which is for another family members Christmas present.  Don't think she reads my blog so she won't guess it is for her!  It has a brick inside it so it is really heavy.  I am pleased with this.

This is a wall hanging Christmas decoration and I am really pleased with this.  It was very fiddly to do and I nearly threw those triangles across the room!  They are so hard to turn through.  I think the beads work well.

What else is there?  Oh yeah lots of purple things.  First some purple curtains which hang at the window half way up the stairs.  They have my felt flowers attached which I think looks good.

I am half way through making a  purple wall hanging for my hall.  I have used the same pattern as I used for the wall hangings that I showed you yesterday.  The pattern came from Denise and we all worked on one each at one of our sewing sessions.

We usually try to have a sewing session with Denise once a week.  It is over a year and a half now since we begun and she has taught us so much.  I could not have got this far without her. Sometimes we have a "lesson" where she teaches us a technique.  Recently though she has been finding small projects for us to do so we can each work on the same thing at the same time and hopefully more or less complete it in one session.  It is really nice doing that and we can have a good old chat while we work.

This purple pouch was one of the things that we did together.  It is so interesting to see how differently things turn out when using different fabrics.  Coralie did hers in a beige print fabric with sage green trimmings.  Denise's was in a kind of gold.  Coralie and I placed the flower to the side where as Denise put hers in the centre.  I am not sure who this is for yet.  I may use it as a snowman present for someone.

Right, time to get on with dinner.  I shall be back soon with yet more.    Yes, I have done more!

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  1. You've done so much in the last year! Maybe it's all the rain? Nope - you have a creative gene that is blossoming all over your house. What a beautiful Christmas is coming for your family.


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